Cons of Saving the World – Excerpt #1

Cons of Saving the World – Excerpt #1

So, explanation: I will occasionally be posting excerpts from upcoming chapters of the super gay books I write on and! You can find me at either under the name “hghrules.”

Anyways, this excerpt is from the next chapter of Cons of Saving the World. The two main characters are Jason and Ty, two flatmates who are hiding both their feelings and their superhero identities. En-juh-hoy, my friends!


“And you fell on a rock.”

I look up at his unamused face and wince. “I-I’m sorry for being so clumsy,” I stammer, looking down in fake shame and feeling a tiny bit bad for tricking him.

The thing about having the power to tell when someone is lying is that it makes it really easy to pick up on the lying skill yourself. Second hand experience and all that.

“Oh, geez, no, Jay-” Tyler grabs my chin and gently angles my head up so that I’m looking at him. “Are you- oh my Notch, are you crying? Crap, I’m so sorry, Jason, you know I didn’t mean-”

“Yeah,” I say, and the sound barely comes out.

“Jason,” Tyler sighs, wrapping up the end of the bandage around my hand. “I’m sorry. I don’t mind your clumsiness, really!” he laughs.

“You’re sure?” I ask tentatively, peeking up at him through my eyelashes.

“Absolutely!” he assures me, and then he pulls me forward into an awkward half-hug that leaves me absolutely glowing. Notch, I love him. Notch, I wish he were just a tiny bit more gay.

“Thanks, Ty,” I mumble into his shoulder.

“Not a problem,” he whispers, and neither one of us lets go.

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