About Haven

About Haven

Why, hello, friends!

I’m Haven, and I fall under the categories of panromantic, asexual, and agender. Ah, so very close to triple a’s! I do prefer they/them pronouns. However, if that makes you uncomfy (or if you just don’t know what “they/them” means yet!) I’d prefer that you call me only by my name – Haven.

Ah. Now that introductions are out of the way…

I created this site because a) blogging is fun and b) I am very, very passionate about all things LGBT+. I want this website to be a safe place for all people who are queer, genderqueer, or questioning! And, of course, you should never be afraid to ask questions – that’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?

Also, despite my general distaste for coffee, I work at a coffee shop. Any coffee shop questions or answers, while perhaps a tad off-topic, will definitely be accepted.

And, well- that’s that! If you’ve got any questions about me, you’re always free to ask, whether it be through the ask box or the comments.

Stay safe, my be-ay-yoo-tiful friends!


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